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Worried about plagiarism? Read this. Help Login Sign Up. Bubbles Imagine trying to wash dishes without a soap solution. It would be hard and things wouldn't get clean. Soap solutions are what make bubbles. Are there soap solutions that make better bubbles?

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The largest bubble will reach the surface first The second largest bubble will reach the surface next And so on. The largest value will reach its correct position first The second largest bubble will reach its correct position next And so on. The main operation of the bubble sort is repeated until the items are in the correct order. How can we tell whether the array a is sorted or not??? Use the tripwire algorithm.
Since this is the third recent item on HN featuring the impact of branch prediction on code performance, let's make sure we keep our heads on straight: a good algorithm will outperform a bad algorithm that's tuned for branch prediction. Quicksort infamously abuses branch prediction, yet is still the standard against which all other sorting algorithms are compared. Some work is being done to improve Quicksort's branch prediction performance [1], but that's mostly focusing on choosing better pivots. A perfect sorting algorithm, something like a very large sorting network, will necessarily make any processor's branch predictor give up and go home -- and that'll still be faster to execute than a naive algorithm tuned for branch prediction. On the other hand, quicksort scans memory in-order.

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