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Theocentrism holds to an entirely different view, which does not reflect the Christian belief. Theocentrism has a couple of different interpretations. One where God is still God, but he is attached to all creation nature has the same value as humanity ; the other where God is creation and human beings should worship God by witnessing and caring for all of creation. The bottom line is Theocentrism is a belief that God is everything and within everything.

Environmental Ethics and Motivations for Christians

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This influential book is still studied by students of conservation biology. Leopold argued that humanity was ready for a new type of ethic, having already established ethics on the relationship between individuals e. Commandments , Exodus and between individuals and society e. We were ready for an environmental ethic. Seventy years later, many Christians have not embraced an environmental ethic.

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Introduction Among many environmentalists religious belief is often viewed, at best, as irrelevant in addressing environmental issues or, at worst — particularly in the case of Christianity — as a leading culprit in creating the global environmental crisis. No religion, either Eastern or Western, primitive or modern, has ever prevented environmental degradation, and in some instances religions have aided and abetted the destruction of ecosystems. Two articles which conveniently frame the growth of popular ecological consciousness over the last quarter-century reflect this environmentalist disdain for religion. According to White, Christian theology stripped nature of any sacred status leaving it composed of inanimate objects and ignorant beasts that humans could exploit and manipulate with impunity.
But are the claims in his Dominion Hypothesis valid? Does Christianity bear a burden of guilt for the ecological crisis of the world? The purpose of this paper is to assess the strength of his thesis by firstly analysing what the biblical scriptures and theologians have to say with regard to the relationship of God, man and the environment. Next the symptoms and origins of our ecological crisis are examined, after which their ties with Western Christianity are assessed to determine whether the later has causal relationship with the former.

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