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Cultural capital is the accumulation of knowledge, behaviors, and skills that a person can tap into to demonstrate one's cultural competence and social status. Bourdieu later developed that work into a theoretical concept and analytic tool in his book " Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste. In their early writing on the topic, Bourdieu and Passeron asserted that the accumulation of knowledge is used to reinforce class differences. That's because variables such as race , gender , nationality, and religion often determine who has access to different forms of knowledge. Social status also frames some forms of knowledge as more valuable than others. In his essay, "The Forms of Capital," Bourdieu broke down the concept of cultural capital into three parts.

The effect of cultural deprivation on education

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Cultural Capital refers to the skills and knowledge middle class parents have that they can use to give their children an advantage in the education system. A closely related concept is Social Capital — which is the support and information provided by contacts and social networks which can be converted into educational success and material rewards. Three ways in which middle class parents use their cultural capital. Two ways in which middle class parents use their social capital. Supporting evidence for the importance of cultural capital in education. Diane Reay — Mothers make cultural capital work for their children.

What is Bourdieu theory of cultural capital ?

Cultural pluralism is a term used when smaller groups within a larger society maintain their unique cultural identities , whereby their values and practices are accepted by the dominant culture, provided such are consistent with the laws and values of the wider society. As a sociological term, the definition and description of cultural pluralism has evolved over time. It has been described as not only a fact but a societal goal. In a pluralist culture, groups not only co-exist side by side but also consider qualities of other groups as traits worth having in the dominant culture. Pluralistic societies place strong expectations of integration on members, rather than expectations of assimilation.
There is a very strong paradigm in the mind of people that to be educated means a good job with a high salary and a high standard of living. In the following sections the researcher is going to present the meaning, purposes and benefits of education. Then, the education system in different countries will be seen including that in Mauritius, where the research has been carried out. The last and main part will be on private tuition which is the area of analysis of the researcher where the meaning, precedence, reasons for taking private tuition, implications mainly on the link between private tuition and academic performance, and the policy that government in different countries is adopting on private tuition. Education involves the acquisition of knowledge and the learning of skills.

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