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Govindudu Andarivadele lit. Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the film's soundtrack and score while Sameer Reddy worked as the cinematographer, and Naveen Nooli was the film's editor. Govindudu Andarivadele portrays a " non-residential Indian " named Abhiram who visits his grandfather Balaraju's house as a student of agriculture. He actually came to reconcile the differences between his father, Chandrasekhar Rao, and Balaraju.

Economic Reform in India

Study on How Derivatives Progress in India Essay - Words

Breakthroughs in genetics present us with a promise and a predicament. The promise is that we may soon be able to treat and prevent a host of debilitating diseases. The predicament is that our newfound genetic knowledge may also enable us to manipulate our own nature—to enhance our muscles, memories, and moods; to choose the sex, height, and other genetic traits of our children; to make ourselves "better than well. In liberal societies they reach first for the language of autonomy, fairness, and individual rights. But this part of our moral vocabulary is ill equipped to address the hardest questions posed by genetic engineering. The genomic revolution has induced a kind of moral vertigo.

The Role of the Caste System in India’s Progress

In this article we will discuss about the views of the Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang on India during the rule of emperor Harsha Vardhana. His description has been accepted as the best available source of knowing the administrative, social and cultural condition of India at that time. However, his account of India is not entirely dependable. At several places it is confused, while mostly it is biased because Hiuen Tsang used his description as a means to glorify Buddhism and Harsha as its follower. The primary aim of the visit of Hiuen Tsang to India was to gain knowledge of Buddhism and collect its religious texts.
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