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Descriptive essay reporting : Work of art.

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Fundamentally speaking, science is associated with this art ; it is an art but with technological advancements and invention of digital camera. In the time to come, it is expected that this art of photography would function with the support of science and many artists would continue to do the art work in this field of photography. Ever since , photography has become an essential means of communication and expression. As stated by Beaumont Directions: Use the MLA style as describe on my policy syllabus.

Personal Narrative-The Art Of Writing

The work of art portrays the scene of The Last Supper of Jesus with his pupils. Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh Painted by Dutch craftsman Vincent van Gogh in , Starry Night is a standout amongst the most understood works of art in present-day culture. The work of art was the motivation for the melody "Vincent" by Don McLean. I try to understand the meaning of each art I see, and what the artist is trying to inform me or to the world. In the study of art you have to pay attention to every detail in an art work and what color or shapes he or she used.
The painting Paradise Falls by Jeffrey Wilkie is a beautiful representation of fish and an extraordinary rainforest. The colors in the painting are brilliant and extremely appealing to the eye. This piece seems to all fit together well, from the beautiful sky all the way down to the astonishing ocean floor. As you look at this painting you get a sense of peacefulness and serenity that many other works of art lack. Many aspects of this painting bring out its rare beauty, however, the sky is the first thing to catch the viewer's eye.

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