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Dictionary Glossary. In this activity you will read a short conclusion and decide which is the most appropriate title for the student essay it concludes. So, Western medicine tries to suppress or remove a localised problem whilst Complementary and Alternative Medicine attempts a longer term change through disturbing the body's system, giving it a chance to settle in a new position: where it settles depends on the context, so therefore on the patient's lifestyle, hence CAM practitioners' stress on the holistic nature of their therapies. In conclusion, then, assuming this to be true it would seem that there is a very strong argument for the two types of medicine to be working side by side.

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Complementary and alternative medicines are known as conventional medicines. Complementary and alternative medicines are used in place of standard medicines. A skeptic I found great comfort that this practitioner had his credentials to match his practice. He told us thoroughly about the procedure and said that it…. When one immediately thinks of healthcare, traditional medicine with medical doctors and surgeons come to mind. However, there are plenty of complementary and alternative medical techniques and professionals that attribute to healthcare. Many of these alternative medicine techniques offer a more natural route for those that prefer it, or may try it as an option before deciding surgery is there only option.

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An overview of studies a meta analysis published in suggested that around half of people with cancer use some sort of complementary therapy at some time during their illness. For some therapies there is currently very little research evidence to show that they help with certain symptoms — for example, pain or hot flushes. But there is research going on and we are starting to collect evidence for some types of therapy. People often use complementary therapies to help them feel better and cope with having cancer and treatment.
The complementary and alternative medicine known as CAM has become what is the mainstream for healthcare. Most cancer patients use this as the standard for many cancer patients. Alternative medicine is uncommon whereas individuals who use nonmainstream medicine also use conventual medicine. The integrative approach has grown within the healthcare setting in many places in the United States. Most people use medical treatment that are not a part of medicine, such as acupuncture that can help with.

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